The gifts of my healing journey

Published in NZ Carers magazine and reproduced here with permission

NZ Carers article

The gifts of my healing journey

Accepting my reactions as my own, learning to trust my feelings and act upon them wisely.

Getting to know myself better helped me to develop feelings of self worth, and to believe that I deserved the best.

Introducing colour healing while I was ill helped me to feel balanced and whole at a deeper level.

I learned to speak out and say no when things didn’t feel right.

Wellbeing Exercise

Imagine that you are a beautiful light. Your light radiates from within you. Imagine the rays of light you produce are reflecting outwardly too.

There is no place for darkness. By being and acting within the light, others may feel your light too. Give it a try.

Look within

Inspired by her own journey with cancer, Philippa developed her Being in Colour, inspirational cards and healing tools to help others with health and disability needs. The set of colourful cards are designed to help you work through issues to find a solution that feels right for you.

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